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Electrical & Computer Engineer

PCB/Circuit Design, Embedded applications, Data Science, Machine Learning, Iot architecture, Backend Developer

  • Birthday: 24 Feburary 1996
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  • City: Carlsbad,Ca, USA
  • Age: 24
  • Degree: Master
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Hello, I am Mohamed Afify.I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. I’ve been in the research field for almost 6 years. I am a master’s candidate in Electrical and Computer Engineering at University of Oklahoma. I received my B.Sc in Electrical Engineering from University of Central Oklahoma. My research interests are IoT, machine learning, embedded coding, and applications. Besides that, I have a passion for meteorology, Stocks trading and storm chasing. I have researching weather forecasting and remote sensing as a hoppy.


years of experience








C++ & Python Embedded 90%
Linux Enviroment 100%
Machine Learning & data analytics80%
MATLAB/Simulink & GUI 90%
IoT architecture 80%


IoT architecture

Data Science



Data Mining

System Designing

Stock trading



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  • Performing Circuit analysis
  • Designing feedback control
  • Appreciating firmware


  • IoT architecture using AWS & UBIDOTS
  • Data Sceince & Machine Learning using R & Python
  • Embedded system implementation using python & C++


Master of Science in Electrical & Computer Engineering

2019 - 2021

University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

2014 - 2019

Univeristy of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK


  • 3D smart mobile platform design for modeling motion artifacts in CT imaging of cancer patients. N Alsbou, M Afify, K Thapa, I Ali. 2018 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology.[Link]
  • Smart engine speed control system with ECU system interface. M Afify, ASA Abuabed, N Alsbou. 2018 IEEE International Instrumentation and Measurement Technology.[Link]
  • Cloud-Based IoT Smart Parking System for Minimum Parking Delays on Campus. N Alsbou, M Afify, I Ali. International Conference on Internet of Things.[Link]
  • Smart IoT In-Car Life Detector System to Prevent Car Deaths. N Alsbou, KHS Chen, M AfifyInternational Conference on Internet of Things, 123-130.[Link]
  • Motion Detection and Tracking of Mobile Tissue-Equivalent Phantoms Using a Microwave Imaging System M Afify , I Ali, S Ahmad, N Alsbou MEDICAL PHYSICS 46 (6), E298-E298.[Link]


  • "Portable intelligent driver's health monitoring system for safety on the road" US10912509B2 United States [Link]

Professional Experience

Software Engineer

2021 - Present

Carlsbad, CA

Smartville inc.

  • Battery power interfaces and managment system

Graduate Research Assistant

2019 - 2021

Tulsa, OK

Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT)

  • Developed an IOT system for vehicle counting, classification and tracking based on Bluetooth technology. The system is built on an embedded Linux system with python scripting and Ngrok+.
  • Developed a cheap and efficient custom 4G GPS tracker for ODOT trucks. The system development for front and back-end utilizes embedded C++, JS, and local server environment for frequent data collection.
  • Developed and deployed Road-Weather system that collects weather data along the I-35 Highway with back end development through embedded python and JS.
  • Analyzed and modeled the weather data to forecast the road surface conditions for the next 24 hours. The forecast model shows results at RMSE of 2.10 and road condition classifications at 93% accuracy.

Research & Teaching undergraduate Assistant

2016 - 2019

Edmond, OK

WFE Trucking Company and SCC Medical Center

  • Designed an IoT smart parking system using C++ embedded and ARTIK Cloud platform.
  • Designed smart driver safety & behavior tracking system in semi-trucks using wireless smart sensors, embedded C++, C# & JS and UBIDOTS IoT platform to collect data and trigger alerts.
  • Designed and validated a 3D smart mobile phantom for correction of Motion artifacts in CT images for cancer patients at Cancer Stephenson center using C++ embedded system with wireless IR sensors.
  • Designed a smart wireless IR sensor network, to measure the distance of a 3D body. The sensor network is used to measure the movement of a lung phantom precisely. C++ was used to program the Sensors, intel Edison GPU and LCD display.

Research fields

My Research Experience

IoT architecture

Enhanced IoT testbed system to check the data rate collection in different scenarios. Devolped Iot Systems using different applications

Machine learning & Data analytics

Used different ML algorithms to test collected data by the research team. Developed model to detect different wireless communication data, model to detect Stock market direction and a model to predict the road surface conditions.

Control systems integration

Tested PID control system to check the stability between the ECU unit and speed

complex System Network

system model to check the interaction between data and the importance of specific nodes

Microwave imaging system

Motion detection & tracking of tissue phantoms using microwave system detection

BT & BLE sniffer integration

Using BT sniffers to detect vehicles MACs and track their travel destinations


My Work

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  • Sotware & ML
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Software 1

Surface Road Temperature prediction

Software 2

Road Realtime heatmap

Application 1

3d Lung Platform

Application 2

RWIS Stations

Application 3

BT based Origin-Destination

Application 4

GPS tracker

Application 5

Smart Parking system

Application 6

Smart engine speed control system

Application 7

Portable Intelligent Driver's Health Monitoring System

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