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  • Reserach: undergraduate Senior Project
  • Sponser: University of Central Oklahoma
  • Project date: 16 May, 2019
  • Project paper: Project Link
  • US patent: Link

A system and method for detecting abnormal motor vehicleoperation and providing notification and alerts to third parties , comprising : an impediment proximity detectionsubsystem including sensors at least mounted at external surfaces of said vehicle , said impediments consisting of atleast fixed and moving objects external to said vehicle ; avital sign detection subsystem installed in said vehicle , including driver monitoring sensors and providing a measure of at least driver pulse rate and hand location ; a controller installed in said vehicle , for receiving and pro cessing sensor produced signals ; an alarm subsystem installed in said vehicle , producing at least one of a visual or vibrational signal ; a cloud interface subsystem including at least a WiFi transceiver installed in said vehicle , and a Google Cloud IoT Service

copyrights Mohamed Afify